Creating and changing transactions using BAPI in CRM

BAPI : In some cases you want to create transaction’s (like a quotation or an order) using programming and not using the standard UI. This is for example relevant in case you want to upload or migrate data from an external system into SAP CRM. There are several possibilities for migrating data:

1), Using LSMW

2), Using the XIF adapter

3), Using the data workbench of SAP

4), Using a special service offering from SAP called LSO

5), Using custom programming


Because we needed a very good performance, we have choosen to upoad data using custom programming. However during the development of the upload program we encounter some challanges in using the standard available BAPIi’s in SAP CRM. The documentation around these BAPI’s is very limited and also on SDN we could not find all answers. We finally managed to create transaction’s with:

1), A specific transaction type

2), Two different business partner’s

3), Valid from and to date

4), Some reference fields

Especially the business partners and the validity date where very challenging. We have used BAPI_SLSTRANSACT_CREATEMULTI for creating the transaction and CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN for changing the transaction.

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