SAP Security and Authorizations

An authorization is a permission to perform a certain action in the SAP System. Authorizations are used to control access at the application level..SAP Authorization concept is basically used for SAP Security.

SAP Security: Security means protecting your data and your business.

Structure of Authorization is as follows:

Field: Smallest unit against which a check should be run. It is a least granular element/data element to secure the data/information.

Authorizations: Authorizations are used to control access at the application level.

Authorization Object: Groups 1 to 10 authorization fields together. These fields are then checked simultaneously.

Authorization Object Class: Logical grouping of authorization objects.

Profile: Profiles is to provide Authorization based on provided Authorizations and Authorization Objects. We used to create profiles up to 4.6C version in SU02 Transaction Code, after 4.6C version these profiles will create automatically while modifying/creating roles or generation roles.

Role: Its is a combination of Menu’s, Authorizations, Profiles and personalization. A role is a group of activities performed within business scenarios. Or Activities assigned to the user. Or a role is a set of functions describing a specific work area. Roles consist of Menu, Authorizations, Organizational values.

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