How to create Customized Authorization Objects (SU21)

SAP Authorization Objects  

The SAP Authorization Objects, as the name itself suggests, is a method of restricting users to access any particular application created in the system. It could simply be: denying user for viewing confidential data on-screen or denying access to certain Transactions.

Taking this feature into consideration, SAP gets the flexibility to decide at runtime whether a particular user is supposed to access a given application or not.

To get an in-depth picture on the Authorization and the way it works, we’ll look at an example which would demonstrate the use of Authorization Objects and the way to use.

Create Customized Authorization Objects (SU21)

If we enter  SU21 T-Code we use to get as per below,

To  click on create button and select authorization object

After provide your customized auth.object class  name and  text and click on save button.when you click on save then it will ask  package name —->provide name of the package name and save it

Under this Auth.objects we can maintain our own auth.fields also

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