What is BEx Web Analyzer?

The BEx Web Analyzer is the initial Web frontend tool offered as part of the Business Explorer reporting options. The entire navigational and analytical process within the Web Analyzer is structured to be business user friendly. Much of the functionality that is available in the BEx Query Designer is now available to the business user from the executed Web query. Thus, most of the functionality that can be configured when using the Query Designer can also be configured by the business user on the Web. For example, in addition to configuration capability, the capability to create exceptions and conditions is available to the business user.

Also, new to the most current Frontend Support Package (FEP) is the capability to create calculated key figures (CKFs) directly from the frontend of the BEx Web Analyzer (once CKFs are created, if you save your report, they will be saved for that specific version of the report). BEx Web Analyzer offers a significant enhancement for the business user on the Web. One of the concerns I’ve heard over the past several years is that the capability to create any sort of additional columns or calculations is assigned specifically to the BW IT group rather than to the business user.

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BEx Web Analyzer Functioality

Well, now business users can create any CKF they need on-the-fly and save it. The BEx Query Analyze/ Designer functionality is unavailable to the end user in only a few areas—the creation of variables, restricted key figures, and some cell editor functionality. Therefore, the business user now has a variety of options available at their fingertips.

BEx Web Analyzer Web-based frontend has easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality that allows the user to navigate intuitively through queries. The Web based BEx Web Analyzer frontend holds a very important position in the architecture of the reporting strategy. A Web-based strategy increases the ability to distribute the information from a report twofold; it not only gives the business user access to information via a thin frontend—a Web screen—and thus obviates the need to have access to the GUI version of the workbook or query, it also allows them to access other, third-party systems via the Web.

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