How to extend a material to new storage location – SAP MM

The only way I know to extend material in SAP is through MM01 t-code, the Create Material t-code. But then I experience problem when I was trying to extend Material to another storage location within the same Plant. There was always an error message generated when I was trying to change some property in the Accounting 1 tab-section.

Error message sounds like this: Accounting 1 cannot be chosen here; if possible, enter the organizational level

I couldn’t figure out how to fix this, but as I search from google, in forum I found that there’s an alternative way to extend material, which is through MMSC t-code. So I try using MMSC to extend material to the desired storage location and it works well.

Extend a Material to new storage Location

So, now I have two ways of extending material:

  1. Using MM01, we use this t-code if we want to extend the material to a different Plant.
  2. Using MMSC, we use this t-code if we want to extend the material to same Plant but different Storage Location.

Maybe there’s other ways to extend material. Maybe I’ll find out later if there’s problem which can’t be solved with those two t-codes.

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