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What is User Administration in SAP Basis?

User Administration in SAP Basis Tutorials: To start user maintenance you have to use the transaction code SU01. You can create a new user or copy the existing user master. The user master contain all data and setting that are required to log on to a client.

How to Lock all the Users in SAP System?

Lock all the Users in SAP System: Making user changes one-at-a-time can be extremely time consuming. SAP has provided mass change transaction to help making many user changes.  The mass change transaction is limited as to the changes that can be made.  For example we cannot change

SAP Project Management Module for Beginners

SAP Project Management : We would like to share my experiences as a Project Manager specific to SAP. Some of the points and comments will be very specific to SAP but others are also valid for other projects. A SAP roll-out in very basic terms consists of

What are User Status and System Status in SAP?

User Status and System Status in SAP: The Both at sales doc header level (Sales type) and item level (Item category a status profile can be assigned. A status profile holds a set of statuses for a sales document. So a user can take a document header/line item

How to Transport users from one client to another?

When a modification is made to a role in the 100 client, the roles must be transported to the 800 client.  One role, several roles, or all roles can be done if needed.  They can all be added to the same transport change request.  After the roles have been moved