Why You Should think about Pursuing SAP Certification?

SAP Certification: Although there are many people out there currently debating the value of SAP certification, the truth remains that SAP certified individuals are actually highly demanded amongst all.  If you want to advance your career, pursuing a SAP certification is one of the top resolutions that you must take in 2014. This post discusses why.

Whether you are new to the job market or are looking for an added edge in the market, a SAP certification is what you should be pursuing. However, for many, it takes more than opinions to validate a point.

Pursuing SAP Certification

Why Pursue a Certification at the first place?

A certification can certainly provide a jump to your career, but in the end it all depends on how valuable the certification is to a potential employer. While some employers will give your certification instant approval as a gateway to a vacant position, there are others who will settle for nothing less than hands on experience. But there are more reasons for pursuing certifications than just getting validated for a job. You will feel personal satisfaction about your educational accomplishments once done with a certification.

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It is also a method to show employers that your skills are up to date. Sometimes, you are not able to continue education owing to certain circumstances. A certification can bridge such gap and also provide you with hands-on training which normal classroom education wouldn’t have been able to do.

SAP certification

Companies place so much importance on certifications because according to a report by CompTIA, 2012, 80% of the organizations cite an IT skill gap as negatively impacting their productivity. Besides, according to a report by Prometric, February 2013, 76% of certified IT professionals state that they are confident in their ability to implement IT systems on budget and time against 67% of non-certified individuals.

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The benefits of Pursuing a SAP certification

SAP certifications are one of the hottest commodities in the IT world right now and there is good reason to that.           The most well paying jobs are today with the people who are SAP certified. There are numerous precedents where a SAP certification has advanced their career to great heights. Top global companies seek out such candidates and are also willing to pay good amount of money for them, certainly better than their non-certified counterparts. Why do they do that? Because, SAP certified individuals mitigate risk by completing more projects on time and within budget. These individuals have a clear understanding of the ins and the outs of the software, which leads to higher acceptance.

There were 28,100 SAP certified individuals in 2011, which rose to 37, 400 in 2012, a huge 33% year-on-year increment.  Today, there are more than 350,000 SAP-certified people globally who are leveraging the various benefits of this certification. These individuals enjoy inimitable reputation amongst the employers, which is an encouraging factor. There are many employers who post their job by stating “SAP certification is compulsory”. Once you are SAP certified, the gates to such opportunities open up automatically. Besides, it is one of those IT skills which will remain in high demand, no matter how poorly the economy is doing.

How to go about Pursuing SAP Certification?

SAP certification is actually an exam conducted by SAP AG, world’s leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning software. The cost to pursue this certification isn’t actually very low, and that’s why you should be very sure before taking the plunge. Those candidates who are already working with SAP, but want to gain greater credibility and advance their career should be an ideal candidate for pursuing this certification.

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This is guest post by Saurabh Tyagi took to writing stuff for various online blogs and article sites in 2008. Five years hence, he has evolved as an expert on topics on related to management education, career and social media marketing tips.

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