Intention and Ways for SAP Training as a Part of Education

Foreground and Introduction

SAP is the acronym for a German phrase Systeme Andwendungen Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung” whose English transcription would be Systems Applications, Products in Data Processing. SAP Training, it transpires that SAP is essentially a software processing solution or tool, which has perhaps revolutionized data processing, recording and archiving since it was first operationalized some 42 years ago in Germany and has created history in the realms of, inter alia, financial accounting, inventory controls, enterprise resource management (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, human resourcing and so on.

What are the intentions of SAP?

SAP is indeed a cut above the rest when it comes to business applications. In the traditional forms of business model, there are different line functions like accounting, finance, production, marketing, logistics, Research & Development, and so on, and each had different systems of operational data, each compartmentalized in itself. Stock inventory system was different from marketing systems and there were no passage of information between the two.  Similarly, the data generated from Accounting had little in common with that of finance and banking systems, and each function or department functioned from an island, so to speak. This led to a great deal of inconsistencies and operational cross purposes, with resulting conflicts and disagreements.

But the SAP has changed all that. SAP operates in virtual business or real time. It has only one Information System and all applications are accessed, compiled and processed through common data. There is greater degree of transparency and inter communication between divisions, departments and sections. Under SAP a single transaction gets recorded in all necessary records and systems, irrespective of whether it is integral part of it or not. Thus cash purchase of goods would not only be recorded in Stock but also in Accounting, warehouse records, cash ledgers,  Goods Inward Inventory and daily PL accounts and Balance sheets. 

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sap education

This is the integrated system that facilitates 

1), Transparency and chronological order in transactions
2), Overall control and monitoring of  resources and assets
3), Impacts costing records and cost control savings plans
4), Identified in financial and MIS records
5), Offers real time, interactive data and interpretations
6), Greater operational efficiency and effectiveness 

Indeed, SAP systems invoke Best Business Practices in terms of Business Process Re engineering which is logical analysis of events, nexus and inter connectivity between different departments, divisions, cost canters of a firm’s business operations. The success story of SAP business Model could be demonstrated from the fact that there are now nearly 50,000 successful installations of SAP Business Model in well over 120 countries with more than 10 million satisfied users….. and this list is growing.

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Functional areas in which SAP Training is available

SAP is indeed bespoke and highly customized, client tailored system, identifying the need for Use of SAP systems, what benefits this could bring to individual businesses, and how Clients could, solve their problems and gain concrete and tangible results through implementation and deployment of SAP systems.

However some of the standardized packages popularly in vogue in companies are:

SAP FI/CO – SAP Finance & Control Systems
SAP CRM – SAP Customer Relationship Management
SAP SD – SAP SD SAP Sales & Distribution
SAP MDM – SAP Master Data Management
SAP BI – SAP Business Intelligence
SAP ABAP – Advanced Business Application Programming
SAP MM – SAP Material Management
SAP  HR – SAP Human Resource
SAP XI – SAP Exchange Infrastructure
SAP BO – SAP Business Objects
SAP PS – SAP Project System
SAP PLM – SAP Product Lifecycle Management
SAP SCM – SAP Supply Chain Management
SAP ERP – SAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SAP SRM – SAP Supply Relationship Manager

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Way back in year 1979, SAP AG released this SAP main frame R/2 which became an immediate success in Germany. Most reigning high end Germany companies adopting SAP R/2 but towards the end of the 1980’s, technology changes towards client-server architectures.

SAP R/3  

Launched in 1992, R/3 gained major supremacy in the North American markets and within just half a decade, there was major ingress for SAP R/3 systems worldwide.  It is to the credit of SAP systems that it has been able to successfully penetrate the top cream of global companies, adding list of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies to its burgeoning client lists. It not only provides services to different strata’s of industries but also different kinds of industry like manufacturing, service, pharma, software, heavy chemicals, steels, airlines and logistics and so on.


SAP Training has indeed come a long way since its inception in an obscure place in Germany some 42 years ago. It has moved in with the times, kept customer priorities as the Number #1 priority and developed unique, innovative and creative solutions to myriad problems of most clients. It is robustly believed that SAP training systems will endure for a very many long time to come.

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