What is Hardware Sizing for SAP ERP?

Hardware Sizing is done in a systematic way in SAP to decide the capacity and speed of the servers and networks. Sizing include different parameters like number of users, frequency of data entering,amount of memory consumption etc. Hardware Sizing is important for budgeting hardware equipment prior to the kick off of the project. There are three methods of sizing.

1), Hardware budget sizing (Smaller Companies)

2), Advanced Sizing(Medium to large companies)

3), Expert Sizing(Complex Projects)

Hardware Sizing for SAP ERP

Budget sizing is done using simple algorithms and assumptions. Throughput estimations and formulas are used for advanced sizing and some custom calculations are using for expert sizing.

sap hardware sizing

A count called SAPS (SAP Application Performance Standard) is used with a tool called ‘Quick Sizer’ to sizing the hardware of a SAP system. SAPS is a hardware independent measurement. SAPS has derived from the Sales and Distribution benchmark where 100 SAPS is defined as 2,000 fully business processed order line items per hour. Find more in the SAP official site.

Its important to discuss with the people who operates with data manually or digitally in the legacy system to get an accurate SAPS count.

After sizing hardware required for your SAP system you can choose your database system and server operating systems. SAP is platform independent

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