What are all High level responsibilities during SAP Implementation?

The high level responsibilities of sap Implementation Company (XXX) and the implementation Partner (YYY) which includes as below,

XXX shall be responsible as below,

  1. Provide expertise on the nature of business.
  2. Provide users for the various application areas.
  3. Define business processes for the functions proposed.
  4. Identify with YYY the customization requirements.
  5. Provide data for acceptance testing.
  6. Assist with pilot testing.
  7. Problem reporting.
  8. Approve process changes through change management.
  9. Provide user personnel for the training.

sap eco system

YYY shall responsible as below,

  1. System Integration support covering all the product vendors.
  2. Business Support functionality as defined by XXX’s requirements.
  3. Implementation and integration of SAP.
  4. Training for the XXX’s Team.
  5. Configuration and Customization as per XXX’s approved requirements.
  6. Hand-over of the SAP operations and developed programs to XXX’s after duly tested.

Other activities would also include:

  1. Project Initiation.
  2. Project Plan.
  3. Project Status Reporting.
  4. Site Preparation (Specification only).
  5. Software Customization and Implementation.
  6. System Testing.
  7. Delivery of Project.
  8. Data Security / Disaster Recovery and event failure – Manual on best Practices and Policies.
  9. Problem Analysis for Classification.
  10. Prepare and Implement Schedule for Change Management.
  11. Solution for the SAP Implementation with Existing Network or enhanced Network.

Provide assistance to XXX’s during and after implementation in the resource requirement to support the IT infrastructures with various options.

Coordination and manage all aspects of support with each of the third party vendors.

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