SAP Business One Industry Specific Solutions

SAP Business One: SAP industry specific solution are used in the SAP R/3 ERP application to automate various business processes for almost every industry, such as automotive, oil and gas, and chemical. By automating the business processes, the SAP R/3 application helps organizations to meet the following challenges:

  • Emerging markets — Earning revenue in market
  • Competition — Maintaining successful business operations in this world of fierce competition
  • Increasing demands — Handling increasing and varying customer demands
  • Labor issue — Solving the problems of skilled labor for efficient business operations
  • Workforce shortage — Shortage of skilled personnel

Importance of industry specific solution lies in a very basic foundation of thought; every type of business is unique of its own kind and therefore needs to be catered accordingly. The same philosophy may not be applicable for automotive business and the integrated steel plant as both require entirely different approach to business planning.

SAP Business One

Financial and Public Services
SAP BankingSAP Higher Education & Research
SAP Defense & SecuritySAP Insurance
SAP HealthcareSAP Public Sector
Healthcare ProvidersPublic Security
SAP Aerospace & DefenseSAP Industrial Machinery & Components
SAP Aerospace and Defense ManufacturersSAP Construction and Mining Machinery
SAP MRO/M&E Service ProvidersSAP Electrical Equipment, Appliances, and Components
SAP AutomotiveSAP Industrial Machinery and Equipment
SAP Automotive OEMsSAP Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing Equipment
SAP Sales and Service OrganizationsSAP Industrial Tools and Metalworking Machinery
SAP Automotive SuppliersSAP Lifting, Material Handling, and Railroad Equipment
SAP ChemicalsSAP Measuring and Controlling Devices
Consumer ProductsSAP Motion and Fluid Control Equipment
SAP FoodSAP Oil and Gas Machinery
SAP BeverageSAP Semiconductor and Electronic Measurement Equipment
SAP Home and Personal CareSAP Textile, Paper, Printing, and Packaging Machinery
SAP Consumer Durables and Home AppliancesSAP Life Sciences
SAP Apparel and FootwearSAP Pharmaceuticals
SAP Engineering, Construction & OperationsSAP Biotechnology/Biopharmaceuticals
SAP HomebuildingSAP Medical Device/Scientific Instruments
SAP ConstructionSAP Mill Products
SAP ShipbuildingSAP Building Materials
SAP Commercial Real EstateSAP Cable and Wire
SAP Facilities ManagementSAP Fabricated Metal Products
SAP High TechSAP Furniture
SAP Business, Medical, and Consumer OEMsSAP Packaging
SAP EMS ProvidersSAP Plastics
SAP Semiconductor and Component ManufacturersSAP Primary Metals
SAP Software ProvidersSAP Pulp and Paper
SAP Textiles
SAP Mining
SAP Oil & Gas
SAP Upstream
SAP Supply, transmission, and trading
SAP Refining and manufacturing
SAP Downstream marketing and retail
SAP MediaSAP Retail
SAP BroadcastingSAP Telecommunications
SAP EntertainmentSAP Travel & Logistics Services
SAP Newspapers and MagazinesSAP Logistics Services
SAP Premium Content PublishersSAP Postal Services
SAP Professional ServicesSAP Railways
SAP Consulting and Audit & TaxSAP Airlines
SAP IT and BPO ServicesSAP Utilities
SAP Commercial Real EstateSAP Generation
SAP Business ServicesSAP Retail
SAP Legal ServicesSAP Transmission and Distribution
SAP StaffingSAP Water
SAP Facilities ManagementSAP Wholesale Distribution

This is because automotive industry basically runs on assembling of equipments/parts (discrete manufacturing) where as integrated steel plant is a continuous manufacturing unit. Therefore the functionalities are different in different areas such as production, inventory management.

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