How to do Portal On Device Implementation?

Portal On Device Implementation: AP portal supports this entire heterogeneous environment, and allows us accessing it from a mobile device. In most cases, customers have a very similar requirement – to fit a small part of portal content to mobile devices, and hide all that heavy desktop-oriented content from mobile consumers.

The approach that we will use is Portal on Device with content filtering – let’s start!

How to Setting Up/ Step by Step Preparation 

First portal version should be at least 7.30.8, or 7.31.5.

In order to see the right content on your tablet / smart phone, perform following steps in NWA

Under Java System Properties, find a service called “Portal Runtime Container Extension” and set “html5.compliant” property to “iViewDependent”

portal on device 1

Under Application Modules, find a module called “”, select it’s web module “navigation_events_helper”, and set property “FilterbyDesktopView” to 2. Set the property “FilterByExcludedFilterIDs” to be “”.

All content marked with this value will not be affected by filtering mechanism.

You can find more information about filtering entry points here

portal on device2

* Restart the portal instance

Portal On Device Implementation

Go to System Administration -> System Configuration -> Portal Display -> Desktops & Display rules, and copy-paste the following SAP standard folder with tablet desktop to you custom location

portal on device3


Open the copied portal desktop, and add a framework page to it (by default there is no page assigned)

In the same place, set the following filter ID to this desktop: “”. Later on, you will add this filter ID to content that you wish to expose to mobile devices.

Go to System Administration -> System Configuration -> Portal Display -> Desktop & Display Rules, open main rules collection and create a new rule

portal on device4

Now you are ready to prepare some mobile-oriented roles and expose them to end users!

Set the desired content

Copy-paste the standard tablet role from this location

portal on device5

The role will have standard filter ID maintained, so tablet content will not be shown to desktop users.

Assign the created role to relevant users through User Management

Please note that this role will be filtered by portal desktop settings made during our preparation. Although you assign yourself this role, you will be able to see it’s content only on your mobile device.

In case you receive the following screen, please make sure that you are assigned with a mobile role, and filters you added to portal desktop are not blocking the content.

portal on device6


Also See: SAP Netweaver Business Process Management (BPM)

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