SAP Purchasing info Records Types?

The purchasing info records is source of information for purchasing. It contains information on a specific material and a vendor supplying the material. For example, the vendor’s current pricing is stored in the info record. The purchasing info records referred to in abbreviated form as called Info

What is outline agreement in SAP?

This post explains general background information on the “outline agreements” (which, outside the SAP System, may also be referred to as blanket, master, framework or umbrella agreements) that are used in the SAP MM Purchasing component. In basic¬†Outline Agreement can be classified with 2 different types. Contract

What is Transfer Order in SAP?

The Transfer order or requirement contains information about a planned movement of stock in the warehouse. The corresponding transfer order contains the information the system needs to carry out the movement, that is, the physical movement of a specific quantity of material from one place to another.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) in SAP MM

The basic role of material requirements planning (MRP) is to monitor stocks and, in particular, to automatically generate order proposals for purchasing and production (planned orders, purchase requisitions, or delivery schedules). This target is achieved by using various materials planning methods which each cover different procedures. Consumption-based
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