What is SAPConnect? [Transcation Code SCOT]

SAPConnect is an inbuilt communication interface for external communication like email (SMTP server) , FAX , paging etc. In normally has generic RFC based interfaces for standard communication methods like emails , faxes etc.

SAPConnect as of Web AS 6.1+ offers a standard inbuilt SMTP plug-in ,standard FAX interface and a standard HTTP interface. It can also be used to interface with standard external FAX servers.

[SCOT] is the tcode for viewing SAPConnect screens.

[SCOT] > view > Routing will bring up the following screen. It will show all the communication methods used and any specific routing rules applied.

What is SAPConnect?

In the menu are also options to test and trace routing , view all sent/waiting/transmitted requests etc. There is also email blocking functionality. The blanked out emails in the picture are the only domains to which emails can be sent. This can be configured as shown below. Standard routing logic for smtp/fax etc need to be specified. For example, double-clicking on the SMTP button gives the following options where the routing needs to be configured.

Outgoing communication statuses like those for emails /faxes can be monitored in the queue as shown below.

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