SAP Credit Management Process and Features

SAP Credit Management provides tools to evaluate the creditworthiness of customers using internal rating policies and external credit data, and enables quick and consistent credit decisions.

Organizations can use SAP Credit Management to reduce delays in payments, non-payments, and process costs, as well as to improve relations with their top customers.

The Credit Management is a component of SAP Financial Supply Chain Management. The Credit Management provides functions for integrating external credit information, scoring, categorizing new and existing customers on the basis of their credit data, and converting this information into quick credit decisions.

SAP Credit Management allows organizations to monitor and control their customer’s credit risk in one central system. SAP Credit Management is particularly suitable for handling credit management processes in extremely distributed system landscapes.

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SAP Credit Management and Features

Credit limit management

1), Implementation of an organization-wide credit policy

2), Central management of credit limits in a distributed system landscape

Credit case

1), Central, electronic creation of credit limit applications

2), Status and result monitoring of credit limit applications

Credit rules engine

1), Categorization of customers using valuation rules

2), Automatic calculation and assignment of customer-specific scores and credit limits

3), Check rule for credit decisions that are relevant to an order (order check)

Credit information

1), Interface for external credit agencies

2), Input parameters for scoring formulas

3), SAP BW content

Credit manager portal

1), Role-based access to credit management information and analyses

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