RFID Reader Connects and ebooks

RFID reader is an identification method using different tags. These tags are called RFID tags, normally three varieties, i.e. passive, active and semi-passive. These identification method can used any where, i.e. in animals, humans, products, etc but, for RFID reader identification you need to place RFID tags on the thing to be identified.

RFID Identification is based on radio waves. RFID system has two parts, i.e. an antena for receiving signals and an integrated circuits for storing, processing, modulating and demodulating RF Signals. Following are various application of RFID, i.e. in Country Passport, transport systems, T-money cards, SUICa, Octopus cards, EZ-Link cards, SmarTrip Cards, RFID in Animal Identification systems, RFID in inventory systems, Human Implants, RFID in libraries, RFID in schools and universities, Social retailing, etc.

RFID Reader Connects

We can say Radio is the transmission of signals, i.e. by modulation of low frequency electromagnetic waves. Radio frequency is used in many devices. AM, FM, VHF AM, and HF are different Radio frequency used for different purpose of audio transmission even in military also. In RFID systems, radio frequency is used for identifying things.

In this posting i wish to provide you free radio and RFID ebooks downloads. These ebooks guide you to learn electro magnetic waves, antennas, radio antenna engineering, electron tubes and circuits, radio receivers, RF basis, CDMA tutorials, RFID introduction, etc.

Following are the free RFID and radio ebooks download links. Visit these links and master in radio engineering and its application.

Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas View/Download

Radio Antenna Engineering View/Download

Basic Radio View/Download

Radio Receivers View/Download

CDMA Tutorial View/Download

RFID Essentials View/Download

RFID: An Introduction View/Download

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