SAP R/3 Architecture hardware view

The SAP R/3 Architecture hardware view is called a development view, the view of the R/3 architecture, is hard functionality, or we can the process functionality of information with in the sap environment.

The below diagram is flow chart in R/3 structure. The end user queries first of all processed in the application server (with the help of abap) and sent to data base.(understands only sql language) In turn the data base server responds the queries and sent back the necessary information again to application server in turn to Presentation server. This also can be considered a Client server system with in a client. The flow of information in the diagram is defined with the numeric numbers. we also read SAP technical Architecture for our previous post.

SAP R3 Architecture Hardware view

The readers of this post, might have got an overview Hardware functionality of R/3 architecture by this time. The most complex activity for a consultant is to under the Organizational structure in the legacy system and mapping up with the Organizational units in SAP environment. This is the hard core problem for the jr.consultants. Hence mapping of organizational units and mapping of business process are generally dealt by the senior consultants.

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