How to delete Master Data in SAP?

Steps to Follow for Master Data in SAP

Please Follow the below steps to delete the master data.

1) RSA1 –> find your Info object –> right click –> maintain master data

2) Select rows you want to delete and click ‘Delete’ icon. Then SAVE.

3) If system prompt you message “some master data cannot be deleted” … continue with this message.

4) Then goto tcode SLG1 –> enter Object: RSDMD and Subobject: MD_DEL and User: your userID and press F8.

5) In the next screen Expand node and double click ‘Problem class additional information’

6) This will give you which ever objects using SIDs of this master data.

7) You should delete this SID according to that list.

8) Then U should delete particular data from DSO/Cubes.

Once data deleted from cube, then

9) Use Tcode RSRV -> Tests in Transaction RSRV -> All Elementary Tests -> Transaction Data -> Entries Not Used in the dimension of an InfoCube (Double Click)

10) From the right side window, expand “Entries Not Used in the Dimension of an InfoCube” Node & Enter InfoCube (like 0SD_C01), click “Transfer”

11) Now, click “Execute” (Toolbar)… and the results displayed in the right side window..

12) Now, click “Correct error” (Toolbar)

Also See : Material Master Data Overview

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