How to Configure Printer in SAP System by using SPAD?

Printer in SAP System : We can configure a printer in sap in 2 different manners. Either you use LOCD (device type:SNI9014 for Dot-Matrix) or LOCL (device type:SAPWIN for HP or others) with Host Spool Access Method set to” F:Printing on Frontend Computer” and Host Printer set as “__DEFAULT”. This setup would utilize your currently configured local printer which is set as default. So when you select LOCD or LOCL, whatever printer in sap is set to your OS as default, it will be used by SAP via SAPLPD or SAP Printer Daemon.

Note that LOCD having to use a driver for Epson has to be used for device of the same types (dot-matrix usually) while LOCL is typically idea for other.

Configure Printer in SAP System by using SPAD Steps

Printers like HP or other laser printers since SAPWIN uses Windows Driver.

Now the 2nd is creating a new output device with its own output device name like ABC1. So here, you may need the following:

1. IP Address of the Computer where the Printer is Attached or if Network Printer, the Printer’s IP

2. Host Name of the Computer where the Printer in sap is Attached

3. Values for Location, Message

4. Printer Model so you know which device type to use

5. Printer Name set at OS Level (or you may rename the printer same as the assigned output device like ABC1)

Via SPAD, you either create an output device via template or from scratch supplyting the details above. Specify the Spool Server usually assigned for your system.

Go to SM55 to add the hostname of the PC plus IP. This is like setting your Spool server’s host file for the same info.

Try modifying also the host file in your Spool Server to add the IP and PC name.

Use Host Spool Access Method: S:Print using SAP Protocol. Then save.

Issue NI Reset and Reactivate command. If communication is established.

DO a test Print. Then if okay, you are done. If not, try issuing a ping command to the IP of the PC where the printer is attached. Check for the Firewall settings. Usually for Windows XP. either you diable the feature or you create an exemption for SAPLPD and PORT 515 since Windows usually blocks this port when Windows Firewall is activated.

Test using OS application like Word, if printing is okay, then printer is okay. Try via SAP printing. If no output is produced, check spool errors at SP01, check all your parameters at SAP, check whether there is available SP0 work process, check host file at the spool server and check spool server’s availability and status. Issue NI Reset and Reactivate. If okay, then you are done.

sap printer

For other details like – Model, Location, Message, these are usually given values just to distinguish the output device. Let say Model would be Epson FX-1170 while location could be an IP address/ null or Site/Department.

Message can be a short note you want displayed for that printer.

what happens is that your print request generates a spoolrequests but the problem is it has no output requests or that it does not actually produces any printout. Either you may check for SU01 as advised below and check the option to produce output immediately.

This may not work. To check whether indeed there is a communication with your terminal to the terminal where the printer is attached or if indeed SAPLPD is working, go to other PC where the printer is not locally attached, do a telnet to check whether Port 515 is open by issuing the command “telnet 515/tcp” where is the IP of the PC with the printer. Check for the SAPLPD of the PC, there should atleast be some error or messages to signify that communication is present.

Also try to print to Word. If okay, then there is no problem with your Printer. Check also whether you have the correct and updated driver for the printer and not just the OS default built-in driver.

Then re-check. Go also to SP01 and check for the corresponding spool error both for tabs output requests and spool requests. Double click the entries so you would see the problem info why no immediate output is encountered. Either Spool server is not working, Output Device is not reached, etc. By the way, ensure that you set your Access Method to Frontend Printing and that your Printer at OS level is set as default.

Also See: Overview of SAP application Server

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