How to apply SAP License Key?

SAP license key: SAP environment, there will be a requirement to install a license to a new installed SAP system or to a system refreshed from another system. This is the primary step in the post refresh activities of an SAP system.

SAP license key can be requested from Service Market Place from the following link :

Please download license key for a SAP system and store in your local desktop.

Step 1:  To log on to client 000 in the SAP system in which the new license key is to be installed.

Step 2: Go to transaction SLICENSE.

Step 3: From the top-most menu bar on the SAP License Administration screen, click Edit → Install license.

Step 4: On the Install New License popup, fill in the new license key you obtained from SAP.  Click network picture-icon to finish the new license installation.

Step 5: You will receive a License key successfully installed message.  You may now leave the SLICENSE transaction.

How to Check the Status of a Requested SAP License Key 

SAP license key

Step 1: Log on to the SAP Marketplace using an OSSID with Administration rights – 

Step 2: In the navigator tree on the right-hand side of the License Keys screen, click on mySAP Business Suite.

Step 3: On the License keys for mySAP Business Suite screen, click on the Display license keys requested by me hyperlink.

Step 4: On the License key: request screen, look for your requested key.  It should appear with the <SID> you provided during the request process.  If the Status shows as Sent to SAP, the license key has not yet been generated.  If the Status shows as completed, your new license key has been generated and you can click on the <SID> System hyperlink to continue.


Step 5 : Now you may now close your web browser session.

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