Availability Check in SAP SD

Availability Check in SAP SD: MD04  -Takes us to the Stock Requirement list

[Updation in the stock requirement list is the mainly depends upon checking group of MRP3 screen]

When all the promised orders have had the goods set aside, and all the incoming replenishment have been unloaded. What you have left in your warehouse is ATP (Available To Promise)

ATP is the process of checking the available quantities of material. The ATP quantity is equal to ware house stock plus planned receipts (incoming stock) minus the planned issues (outgoing stock)

ATP = Ware Hose Stock + Incoming Stock –Outgoing Stock

Availability Check in SAP SD

Back Order Processing 

It is the processing of a stock order, which itself is a sales order that has not been confirmed in full or not confirmed at a certain delivery date.

Rescheduling is a proposal of how confirmed quantities already assigned to sales orders can be reassigned to other orders that have a higher priority, such as an earlier delivery date.

The shipping Notification is a document linked to purchase order, it is supposed to be created when the goods are shipped from the vendor and the date slips.

Availability Check in SAP SD

Replenishment Load Date (RLT) 

It is the time needed to produce the requested stock. RLT is only used on the material master record. It can be determined in two ways.

1), The RLT for an externally produced material. These settings can be made on the Purchasing and MRP 2 Views of the material master.

2), The RLT for an internally produced material. This is based on the in-house production time, found in MRP 2 view, and the goods receipt processing time or alternatively on the total replenishment lead time, which is found in the material master record on the MRP 3 View.

Availability Check

Checking the stock of every item after every goods movement, so as to present the Stock reaching to ZERO.

These are three types of Availability Check.

1). The Availability check on the basis of the ATP quantities.

2), The Availability Check against product allocation

3), The Availability Check against Planning

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