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Define System Landscape

The purpose of this activity is to establish the system landscape. The system landscape consists of the SAP Systems and clients that will enable you to adapt the SAP standard software to meet the needs of the company. This process begins with the first SAP installation, customizing

SAP System Monitoring an Overview

SAP System Monitoring: We can imagine if you have a job to monitor the whole SAP system and also non SAP system? Okay, let’s say that you only have 3 system landscapes that would be very easy to monitor, check the system one by one. But if

SAP Credit Management Process and Features

SAP Credit Management provides tools to evaluate the creditworthiness of customers using internal rating policies and external credit data, and enables quick and consistent credit decisions. Organizations can use SAP Credit Management to reduce delays in payments, non-payments, and process costs, as well as to improve relations

What is Client on SAP System?

A client is organizational and legal entity in the SAP system. All the business management data is protected here because other clients can not access them. The main objective of the client is to keep the data isolated. The data in a client can be only visible