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What is Variant Configuration in SAP?

Variant Configuration in SAP: Description of complex products that are manufactured in many variants (for example, cars). All variants are defined as one variant product The variant product has a super BOM (Bill of Material), containing all the components that can be used in the product, and

How to Maintain Field Status Variants in SAP?

Menu:  IMG -> Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Document -> Line Item -> Controls -> Maintain Field Status Variants You can define and edit field status variants and groups. You group several field status groups together in one field status variant. You assign the field

How to do Fiscal Year Variant Change in SAP?

Fiscal Year Variant  The fiscal year variant determines the posting periods to be used by the client’s company. SAP allows a maximum of 16 posting periods each fiscal year – normally 12 regular posting periods and 4 special posting periods are used. The special posting periods are