When is Validation and Substitution Not Called in SAP?

Validation and Substitution

When is the CO substitution NOT called?

For negative postings that is, reversals that do not consist of an inverse posting but of an inversion of the CO document to be reversed. In negative postings the system only considers the posting information from the document to be reversed, a ‘derivation’ via substitution is not defined. For example, negative postings are carried out in the context of manual actual postings (KBXXN), CATS transfers, confirmations or billing documents.

For all planning transactions.

The exception is the planned settlement for which it will run as part of the master record check for the settlement receivers. However, only the information required for the master record checks is available there (no posting details).

For balance sheet accounts

For postings to balance sheet accounts without cost elements in CO

For posting IDocs (CODCMT) via ALE

For goods receipt or invoice receipt for the goods receipt/invoice receipt clearing account (account key = WRX/WRY)

For reposting line items (KB61) for the old line item

Validation and Substitution Not Called in SAP

When is CO validation (OKC7) NOT called? 

In all cases in which the substitution is NOT called

In the follow-up posting mode of the CO account assignment

For the allocations (assessment, distribution, periodic reposting, indirect activity allocation), validation is not called at point 2

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