What is Document Splitting Concept in SAP?

Document splitting allows you to display documents using a differentiated representation. In the representation, line items are split according to selected dimensions. In this way, you can draw up complete financial statements for the selected dimensions at any time.

Using the document splitting procedure, you can also create a segmented display of a (partial) balance sheet according to a set of legal requirements (for example, IAS) or according to areas of responsibility.

In addition, you can allocate at the time of posting additional costs (such as realized or valuated exchange rate differences) to the CO account assignment objects to which the costs relate.

Assets can also be subsequently capitalized at the time of posting.

Document Splitting Concept in SAP

Implementation Considerations

You need to make settings in Customizing and other preparations for document splitting. If you already use new General Ledger Accounting in your production system and want to implement document splitting subsequently, you need to use the General Ledger Migration Cockpit

doc splitting


Document splitting has an effect on subsequent processes, such as closing operations, and on processes in Controlling (CO).


You can use the document splitting procedure to split up line items for selected dimensions (such as receivable lines by profit center) or to effect a zero balance setting in the document for selected dimensions (such as segment). This generates additional clearing lines in the document.

Document Splitting Process

For document splitting to be possible, the system classifies the individual line items as well as the documents. This takes place using your settings in Customizing. Depending on how a document is classified, the splitting rule selected for a document specifies how the document is split and for which line items.

SAP delivers a set of standard splitting rules. You can also define your own rules.

Sub functions of Document Splitting 

The following functions are part of document splitting:

Passive document Splitting

Clearing and similar processes The system creates a reference to existing account assignments. These account assignments are used as the basis for line items to be split.

The system applies all account assignments that you have defined as document splitting characteristics in Customizing.

If you have set the Zero Balance Setting indicator for the document splitting characteristic, the system then creates any necessary clearing lines to ensure that the characteristics produce a balance of zero in each document.

Active document Splitting:

Splitting a document In this sub function, the line items are split according to the settings in Customizing (the classification of the document and the splitting rule assigned to the document).

Subsequent Processes

Clearing, such as realized exchange rate differences For example, you can also use the CO account assignments relating to the costs to post the realized exchange rate differences occurring in this subsequent process.

Closing operations, such as foreign currency valuation

You can perform closing operations according to the document splitting characteristics defined.

Document Splitting Simulation 

During document entry, you can simulate the postings to be generated.

From the simulation in the general ledger view, you can call the expert mode.

In the expert mode, you obtain detailed information about the split document as well as about the document splitting rules applied.

Furthermore, it allows you to view the Customizing settings for document splitting specific to the business transaction. Displaying the Split Document

You can display a document as follows:

– In its original form in the entry view

– Split from the view of a ledger in the general ledger view and with the generated clearing lines

How the document is displayed in the general ledger view depends on whether the ledger to which you want to post contains the document splitting characteristics to be applied in document splitting.


You can only use document splitting for documents that can be uniquely assigned to a business process. The relevant relationship is unclear when there are multiple business processes within one document.

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