Special Stocks and Procurement Types in SAP MM an Overview

Special Stocks are those stocks which are not belongs to our company code. These are not placed in our storage locations & no physical inventory is performed and treated as special stocks for the reason of ownership.

Different types are of Special Stocks are as follows

1. Subcontracting
2. Consignment
3. Pipeline
4. Stock transfer
5. Third party
6. Returnable transport packaging
7. Sales order stock
8. Project stock

Special Stocks and Procurement Types


In subcontracting process we create subcontracting PO to supply or issue subcomponents to vendor in order to get final product. The price maintained in subcontracting PO is a service charge paid to vendor.

Steps to perform subcontracting:

1. Create subcontracting inforecord (Optional)
2. Create subcontracting PO with item category L,

There are to ways to supply subcomponents to vendor
• Manually maintain the subcomponents in the subcontracting PO though explode BOM
• Through BOM (Bill of material) T Code CS01, CS02 & CS03

3. Create Transfer Posting with Movement Type 541 to issue the subcomponents to the vendor
4. Goods Reciept
5. Invoice Reciept

Menu Path

ME21N —>  Enter Item Category L –>, Material (End Product), PO Quantity, Delivery Date, Net Price, Plant  –> Click on Item Details –> Tab Material Data  — >Components, select Explode BOM –> Click on Components button –>  Enter the subcomponents –> Go back & Save.

Create Transfer Posting with movement type 541 & T Code MB1B

Consignment (No Concept of Invoice)

In consignment process we will not create Purchasing document for the vendor, vendor himself send the material to our plant, though the material is available to our plant, the responsibility & ownership of the material is of vendor. Aliability only arises when the material withdrawal (Consumption) is posted in the system from consignment stock.

1. Create Consignment info record (mandatory)
2. Create Consignment purchase order with item category ‘K’ & maintain Info record number
3. Create GR Movement type ‘101K’
4. Create GI Movement Type ‘201K’
5. Consignment settlement T Code MRKO

Menu Path

ME11 –> In info record –> Purchasing Org Data 1 views of info record enter the tax code and save it

–> Create Consignment Purchase Order ME21N (Price option is grayed out with price zero)
–> Create GR with movement type 101K
–> Create Goods Issue (GI) T Code MB1A & Movement Type 201K Enter Cost center vendor
–> Consignment Settlement T Code MRKO Click Activate Consignment Activate Settle Execute
–> Display the Document Number i.e. Invoice receipt T Code FB03

Pipeline Process (No Concept of Invoice)

In pipeline handling your company does not need to order or store the material concerned. It is ready available to you as and when required via pipeline (e.g. oil or water), or some other type of cable (e.g. electricity). Consumption of the material is settled with the vendor on a regular basis.

1. Create a Material master record with material type PIPE
2. Create Pipeline info record
3. Create GI with movement type 201P
4. Pipeline settlement T Code MRKO

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP)

When company orders goods from a vendor, the goods are delivered with returnable transport packaging (pallets, containers) that belongs to the vendor and is stored on our premises until you return it to the vendor.

1. Create Material master record with material type LEIH
2. Create PO
3. Create GR by maintaining RTP material by selecting the option transport equipments with movement type 501M.
4. IR

Stock Transfer:

In stock transfer processing, goods are procured and supplied within a company. One plant orders the goods internally to another plant (receiving plant/issuing plant). The goods are procured with a special type of purchase order the stock transport order.

1. Create a Material master in both supplying and receiving plant
2. Create stock transport order (STO) with item category ‘U’
3. Create transfer posting with movement type 351 & T Code MB1B (Go to MMBE stock overview, the stock will decrease in supplying plant and it will not update stock of receiving plant, it will be under stock in transit)
4. Create GR stock will update in receiving plant

This scenario is under one company code between two plants.

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