What is Country ISO Codes in SAP?

In an SAP System, ISO codes are currently supported for language, country, currency, and unit of measure fields.

If you use one or more of these fields in your BAPI you have to make two fields available for each of these fields in the BAPI interface: one field containing the SAP code and another containing its corresponding ISO code. Use the naming convention, Fieldname_for_SAPCode_ISO for the field containing the ISO code.

Implement the BAPI as follows:

When you export data from the BAPI both fields must contain corresponding values.

When you import data into the BAPI the ISO code is only significant if no value was given in the SAP code.

Domains for SAP internal codes and ISO codes

Always try to use the standard domains listed below for fields. We recommend that you use your own data elements for the fields. If it does not make sense to use your own data elements, use the standard data elements that are listed below.


Standard Domains

Standard Data Element

Country (SAP code)



Country (ISO code)



Currency (SAP code)



Currency (ISO code)



Language (SAP code)



Language (ISO code)



Unit of measurement (SAP code)



Unit of measurement (ISO code)



Reason: If standard domains are used, the generated mapping modules automatically convert the ISO code. If you use other domains, you have to manually convert the ISO code in the module modules. See Mapping Between Internal and External Data Formats.

ISO Codes in SAP

Adding a Country Code to SAP

Minimum Required When Adding Country Code

Add Country Code & Its Corresponding Region

  1. Add Country (IMG->SAP NetWeaver->General Settings->Set Countries->Define Countries in mySAP Systems)
  2. Add Region (IMG->SAP NetWeaver->General Settings->Set Countries->Insert Regions)


Maintain SAP’s IRS 1042s Mapping & Witholding Tax Calculation

  1. Add IRS 1042s Mapping (IMG->Payroll->Payroll: USA->Supplements Public Sector US-> Payroll->Non-Resident Alien Master Data-> Set up Tax Treaty Information->Maintain Tax Treaty Countries)

2. Add Country Keys for Withholding Tax Calculation (IMG->Financial Accounting->Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable->Business Transactions->Outgoing Payments->Outgoing Payments Global Settings->Carry Out and Check Settings for Withholding Tax->Maintain Countries)

When we add a Country Code to SAP, the following tables need to be updated:

  1. T005 (SAP Country Code table)
    • T005-LAND1 = ISO Country Code
  2. T005S (SAP’s Region table)
    • T005S-LAND1 = ISO Country Code
    • T005S-BLAND = (Region (State, Province, County)) Since Zip Code is used by Post Offices worldwide and not Region Code and people often don’t know what the correct foreign region should be, SAP recommends that we use same code as LAND1 for all regions outside of US & Canada
  3. T5UPBS10 (SAP’s IRS 1042s mapping table – maintained from Payroll IMG Maintain Tax Treaty Countries)
    • T5UPBS10-LAND1 = the ISO Country Code we added to T005
    • T5UPBS10-CNTRY = the corresponding IRS 1042s Country Code
  4. T005Q (Country Keys for Withholding Tax Calculation – maintained from AP IMG)
    • T005Q-LAND1 = always US
    • T005Q-QLAND = the IRS 1042s Country Code (T5UPBS10-CNTRY)
  5. Optionally T059F (Formulas for Calculating Withholding Tax – maintained from AP IMG)
    • T005F-LAND1 = always US
    • T005F-QLAND = the IRS 1042s Country Code (T5UPBS10-CNTRY)

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