How to Maintain Field Status Variants in SAP?

Menu:  IMG -> Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Document -> Line Item -> Controls -> Maintain Field Status Variants

You can define and edit field status variants and groups. You group several field status groups together in one field status variant. You assign the field status variants to a company code in the activity Assign Company Code to Field Status Variants. This allows you to work with the same field status groups in any number of company codes.

You can also define and process field status groups. You must define a field status group in the company code-specific area of each G/L account. The field status group determines which fields are ready for input, which are required entry fields, and which are hidden during document entry. Bear in mind that additional account assignments (i.e. cost centers or orders) are only possible if data can be entered in the corresponding fields.

Maintain Field Status Variants in SAP Step by Step

field status

Field status variant 0001 is entered for company code 0001 in the standard SAP software. Field status groups are already defined for this variant.The field status group you enter in the reconciliation accounts affects postingsto the related customer or vendor accounts. You cannot enter a field status group in the customer or vendor accounts. Field status groups are determined for customer and vendor accounts from their respective reconciliation accounts, via the G/L account number in their master records.

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field status variant1

There are other factors, besides the field status group itself, which have an influence on the field status. Among these are:

The field status defined for the posting key.

The status “optional entry field” was assigned to posting keys 40 and 50 in the standard system. These are the standard posting keys for G/L account postings. The “optional entry field” status has no effect on the field status.

Copy the Standard Field status variant 0001 to create new field status variant 9100. The field status variant 9100 can be attached to all the group company codes of A Ltd.

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