How to Configuring Copy Control in SAP SD?

We can define control data for a flow of documents. You can specify, for a particular sales document type, which document type is to be assigned to copied reference documents, and which item categories or schedule line categories are to be copied. You also must set the requirement specifications for copying requirements and data transfer, as well as quantity and value updates in the document flow. This must be done for each copying procedure at header, item and—if necessary—schedule-line level.

When you define a new sales document type by copying with reference, the SAP system copies all the specification of the reference original document. You can make specific changes to these settings based on your business requirement.

As mentioned earlier, copy control can be defined in different process steps of the supply chain (sales order to delivery to billing). The configuration for copy control from quotation to sales order can be found under the section sales document to sales document. Copy control from sales order to delivery can be found under sales document to delivery.

Copy control from sales document to billing can be found under sales document to billing while copy control from delivery document to billing document can be found under delivery document to billing document. Copy control for creating billing document with reference to another billing document can be found under billing document to billing document. An example of this is the credit memo from invoice.

Configuration can be accessed through SAP Easy Access, following the menu path:

Tools-> Customizing->IMG->Edit Project->Select SAP Reference IMG->Sales and Distribution->Sales->Maintain Copy Control for Sales documents. 

Then choose copy control. Figure 3.14 displays the copy control from source to target document type options. Let’s take the example of sales document to sales document. In Figure 3.14 you can see the copy control from a quotation to a sales order.

Copy controls in shipping can be found in the Display IMG by following this path:

Logistics Execution->Shipping->Copy Control.

Copy for billing can be found under Display IMG by following path

Sales and Distribution->Billing->Billing Documents->Maintain Copy Control for Billing documents. 

Copy Control

The above image you can see the data transfer routines for header, item, and partner, DataT. The copy requirement is an ABAP code, which checks if specific requirements are met before copying. Here you define the target sales document type and the associated item category, source document type, and associated item category. The FPLA routine is meant for transferring condition records.

If you check the copy schedule lines, the system will carry the schedule line information from source document to target. If you want the document flow to be updated, you need to check the configuration.

Pricing type setting allows you to set the pricing re-determination or re-calculation in the document. You have configuration options for copying quantity, pricing type, etc.

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