What is SAP Correction and Transport System (CTS)?

The following Correction and Transport System (CTS) document is going to help each and every person who is already involved in the correction and transport procedure of this company or wants to know about the correction and transport system(CTS) from SAP. I have tried to cover the SAP versions 2.2, 3.1 and 4.5.

I found out that most of our systems in Pandesic are using 3.1H version and users are not using the Transport Management System (TMS); so the Transport Management System is not covered in this document. I used lot of tips to help the basis users to solve the transport problems. Users will find some differences in the features between the 3.1H version and 45B version of Correction and Transport system .This document also covers the CTS difference between 2.2 version and 3.1 version.

I hope each and every person of this company who is performing the transport can take advantage of this document.

Correction and Transport System

Changes created in the development system must somehow be moved, then incorporated into the test system, then subsequently moved and incorporated into the production system. The SAP Correction and Transport System (CTS) serves this purpose and is the vehicle by which SAP moves objects such as programs, screens, configurations or security settings from one system to the next. Additionally, the CTS ensures consistency between systems by maintaining log entries for any attempted or completed activities.

If used correctly, the CTS creates an effective and standardized procedure for managing and recording changes made to the system while providing an excellent mechanism for integrating either newly created objects or existing objects that have been altered to meet the customer’s needs.

Release Changes in CTS

As a user of the CTS it is important that you become highly knowledgeable about its capabilities (i.e. changing objects, incorporating them into other systems and optimal use of existing error prevention methods). As a Basis administrator your goal is hopefully to be able to effectively communicate with other users of your SAP system. Therefore, “speaking the language” of CTS becomes an important aspect of your job.

However, with new releases of SAP it is sometimes the case that terminology may need to be changed to better reflect the purpose of specialized utilities or to show the expansion of utility functionality. Such is the case within the CTS. Upon installing the newer 3.0 and higher releases of the system, version 2.x user will find that the correction control utility originally referred to as correction/repair,” is now called task.

Additionally, where a transport, previously moved objects in release 2.x, is now the change request in version 3.0 and higher. Although, for the sake of simplicity, this book will focus on terminology specific to software releases 3.0 and higher, learning the differences in the terminology used from one system release to the next can benefit you greatly if you intend to work with various system releases.

Another change that you may wish to note is that from release 3.0 and up, the ABAP/4 development workbench includes the workbench organizer for managing software development objects. More importantly however, is that SAP recommends that the workbench organizer be used, as it has the added advantage of being fully integrated into the ABAP/4 development workbench.

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