What is Planned Order in SAP?

The planned order shows a planned receipt for a particular material in a plant. Basically, it specifies when the receipt is to take place and the quantity of goods that is to be received.

Planned orders are generally created automatically during the planning run. Here, the system determines the materials to be procured automatically and it also calculates the requirement quantities and dates.

Planned Order in SAP

Planned orders can also be created manually by the MRP controller. In this case, the MRP controller determines which material is to be procured, how much is to be procured when it is to be procured and whether externally or internally.

Planned orders are converted into production orders in the case of in-house production and they are converted into purchase requisitions in the case of external procurement.

planned order

The planned order has the following features:

It is an internal document which is not used outside the company and it is not binding in any way. It is purely a purchase order proposal from MRP which is used for covering demand and which can be changed at any time.

It serves the purpose of an order proposal for external as well as for internal procurement. The procurement source is determined either during the creation of the planned order or when processing the planned order.

It can generate dependent requirements and can be used in the capacity calculation.

A planned order consists of a header and one or more items.

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