SAP Trail Softwares

Looking for SAP Trail Software? This Software will help you get started to learn technical stuff.

You can learn and practice ABAP Language (the programming tool used in SAP) , Netweaver and Portal Technology. This post should bring all content here related to Netweaver Install. Please comment if you need help and will try to find it for you.

SAP Netweaver 7.0 ABAP Trial Version Part 1

SAP Netweaver 7.0 ABAP Trial Version Part 2

SAP Netweaver 2004 Java Part 1

SAP Netweaver 2004 Java Part 2

SAP Netweaver 2004 Java Part 3

SAP GUI 7.10 for Windows
SAP GUI 6.40 for Windows

Please note the above software are from Public SAP FTP site and are the links to major SAP Trial version softwares.

After you download the above SAP Trail Softwares, here is a how to guides on installing NetWeaver and getting the license key from SAP.

How to get a license key for SAP Netweaver 2004s ABAP Edition 


Below stuff is for SAP NetWeaver 7.01 ABAP Trial Version:

Here are the links to download the SAP Netweaver 7.0 Java Trial Edition.
All files are required to install the complete trial software package.
To download go here –>

Click here for download

or directly from below:



Developer Studio (479.899.648 bytes)

Place the files to the same folder and extract “SAPNW7.0ABAPTrialSP12.part1.rar” only.

SAP NetWeaver 7.01 ABAP Trial Version System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2) or Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista.
Hostname must not exceed 13 characters.
NTFS-File systems.
Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher or Firefox 1.0 or higher.
At least 1 GB RAM.
Intel Pentium III/1.1 GHz or higher (or compatible).
25 GB hard disk space temporary during installation – 12 GB permanent.
High-resolution monitor (1024×768 or higher, 256 colors).
Make sure that no other SAP system is installed on your computer.
The SAP system requires serveral ports for communication services. Therefore the file %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc\services must not include an entry for the ports 3200, 3600 and 8000. A possible entry can be excluded by using the hash symbol (#).
If no DHCP server is available on your network (which dynamically determines the IP address) or your computer is not connected to any network, you need to install the virtual interface adapter MS Loopback Adapter. The procedure to install a loopback adapter is documented within the download package.
Download Instructions:
Once the contents are extracted, initiate installation by clicking on start.bat to start the installation overview page. The download package contains a detailed installation guide and information about the evaluation developer license.


Check here for Netweaver Installation Documents:

Netweaver04 on Unix

Netweaver04 Test

Netweaver04 on windows

Install SAP Netweaver – ABAP Edition on Local PC

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