SAP R/3 Certification Program

Few credentials in the business world carry the value of SAP R/3 certification. Those who hold it have honed their skills through rigorous study or direct experience. They have demonstrated their abilities by passing demanding, process-oriented exams.

In order to keep pace with the growing demand for SAP R/3 certification, we have enhanced our program. SAP R/3 certification is now available at the associate, professional, and master levels. Whether you want to enhance your skills, differentiate your practice, or define your organization as a center of excellence, there is an appropriate certification for you.

In addition, we have expanded the resources available to our SAP-certified community — so you can interact with other SAP certified individuals and enjoy exclusive discounts on products and services.

Levels of SAP R/3 Certification

With a focus on multi-tiered certification, you can benefit from the opportunity to advance your skills within a given subject area. In addition, employers can assign resources based on more clearly-defined benchmarks, which are mapped and validated on the basis of job tasks.

Associate certification – This SAP R/3 certification covers the fundamental knowledge requirements for an SAP consultant, ensuring the successful acquisition of broad SAP solution knowledge and skills.

Professional certification – This advanced SAP R/3 certification requires proven project experience, business process knowledge, and a more detailed understanding of SAP solutions.

Master certification – This SAP R/3 certification involves demonstrating an expert-level understanding of a specific area of SAP software and the ability to drive innovation and solution optimization through in-depth knowledge and vision. Certification at this level requires broad project experience, comprehensive SAP product knowledge, and the ability to create a future IT vision within complex project environments.

These levels of certification apply to all three roles for which you can achieve SAP R/3 certification — application consultant, technology consultant, or development consultant.

SAP certification exams are now offered at over 4,000 locations worldwide. To register for an exam at a location near you, please contact your local SAP Education representative.

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