SAP Quality Management Overview

This SAP Quality Management guide explains various archiving objects in Quality Management (QM) such as Master inspection characteristics, Inspection methods, Inspection Plans, Inspection lots and Quality notifications. Moreover this SAP QM article explains each archiving object’s use, features, structure, prerequisites and definition.

The transaction processing for Quality Management module basically revolves around two important transactions,

SAP Quality Management

1), Inspection Lot 2), Quality Notification

An inspection lot is usually created automatically, as a result of goods movement. The system uses the following configuration / master data controls to determine when an inspection lot is created and how it is processed,

  • Inspection lot origin
  • Inspection type
  • Inspection settings in the material master record

Usual triggers for an inspection lot creation are:

  • Material received from a vendor
  • Material received from a production order
  • Material received as a result of stock transfer
  • In process inspection based on Production Order routing
  • Quality Notification
  • Quality Inspection for a delivery

The master data elements in QM module are as under:

1), Quality Info Record

2), Quality Inspection Plan

sap QM

Dynamic Modification Rule 

Dynamic Modification Rule allows users to carry out inspection in a dynamic way. DMR allows scope of the inspection to change based on the past inspection results for that material.

In a typical dynamic modification rule, say for usage decision, several stages are created. An inspection lot, when created, belongs to one of the stage in the Dynamic modification rule. As per this stage, it is decided whether it is a skip lot or inspection is required. It can also state what kind of severity is required in the inspection process. Based on the inspection outcome of this stage, new stage may be assigned to the next inspection lot created for the material / vendor combination. As a result dynamic modification creates a path how an inspection lot is supposed to move through different stage based on the outcome of the inspection.

Quality Notification 

A quality notification is created when a material is observed, at any stage of the manufacturing process, short of quality standards. The quality notification captures the object’s non conformance with quality requirements and contains a request to take appropriate action.

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