What is SAP Project?

When a company decides to implement selected modules of SAP ECC then that marks the start of an implementation project. A project manager is assigned to the SAP project who manages the project from start to end. End date is determined for the project.Project stakeholders (those who have interest in the project) are identified.

The team is gathered consisting of functional/technical analysts (responsible for requirement gathering and configuration) and technical experts (programmers and database administrator).

Project manager is responsible for making sure every one is heading towards the same direction including end-users, project team, management and other stakeholders.

What is SAP Project?

The project go through phases.

  • Requirement Gathering (To find out what functionality is expected from SAP software)
  • Gap Analysis (To find out what business needs SAP cannot handle)
  • Configuration of SAP ECC (To configure the system)
  • Customizations (To modify the code of the software to handle the gaps)
  • Data Migration (To migrate data from legacy system)
  • User Training (Train users in using SAP)
  • Testing (To perform testing before starting to use the system)
  • Go Live (Hand over the system to users)

SAP Projects Lifestyle

Typical projects

SAP implementation from scratch

  • Mostly works out for new companies

SAP implementation in phases

  • Can roll out SAP functionality based on region
  • Can implement module by module

Migration from vendor and implementing SAP

  • This can replace existing software or vendors

SAP production support

  • Supporting an existing system with minor enhancements or fixing bugs in configuration

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