SAP Project Systems – Step by Step Configuration

SAP Project Systems are generally part of the internal processes of a individual company. This will be able to control all tasks in project execution, AS this case you need an organizational form that is specific to the project and which is shared by all departments involved.

SAP Project Systems

Create sap Project Structure and Prepare Fund Center 

1. CJ20N, first we create only the Project Definition & complete WBS Structures 

2. FM2I, then funds center needs to be created for the project 

3. CJSG, to make it easier to assign fund center to WBS elements, create WBS Element group 

4. FRC7, then assign fund center to WBS Elements/WBS Element group 

5. FM9K, change the budget structure, (in my case, the timeframe should be chose from the selection provided), and “Group assignments” should be checked 

5. FMG5, here we generate the new object 

——-done with the fund center assignment——-

Create Cost & Revenue Planning 

Cost planning has different level of detail depending on the status of the project. Usually on the Business Plan phase the cost planning is less detail than the execution phase. So cost planning can be done in WBS elements level or until activity level, if the structure is already detailed until activity level. 

1.  CJ40, to create WBS cost planning, can only be planned on planning element  WBS. 

2. CJ42, to create revenue planning, can only applied on billing element WBS. 

3. CJ20N, to create activity cost planning, ex: in activity cost, define the amount and cost element (if you make external service activity, or add some material component, the cost will also automatically added as cost planning)

—–done with the cost&revenue planning—- 

Create Budget

This is when we want to take the cost&revenue planning as project budget.

1. CJ9FS, use the operative (0) as the source and choose FM as the target. The output is budget created in CO module. 

Then if you want to use the “lock budget” feature then the budget should be uploaded to FM module, using this: 

2. FM9C, source is FM and the target is “0″ (the operative version in Funds Management module), tick the Payment Budget checkbox

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