What is SAP NetWeaver?

SAP NetWeaver, the next evolution of mySAP Technology integrates information and business processes across technologies and organizations. What’s more, SAP NetWeaver embraces Internet standards such as HTTP, XML, and Web services. Ensuring openness and interoperability with Microsoft .NET and J2EE — IBM WebSphere in particular, NetWeaver is the foundation of SAP xApps and mySAP Business Suite solutions.

Application Server (WAS)

SAP NetWeaver Application Server (SAP NetWeaver AS) offers customers support for platform-independent Web services, business applications, and standards-based developments based upon key technologies like Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and SAP’s ABAP development platform. It also supports multichannel access to enterprise applications with Web-based, voice-controlled, or mobile applications.

SAP NetWeaver AS supports security standards for the Internet, including HTTPS, secure sockets layer (SSL), and lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP). This support enables secure communication between all client and server components, authentication and single sign-on, central user management, digital certificates, digital signatures, and auditing.

Business Intelligence (BI)

SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI) enables total insight into the enterprise, providing the tools needed to make the right decisions, optimize workflows and measure the success of a strategic approach. It allows you to efficiently collate data from all enterprise sources and analyze it in detail, monitor success-critical factors using external and internal benchmarks, promptly report the most important KPIs to all the relevant contacts in the enterprise and the extended network of affiliates, quickly adapt strategies to changed market conditions and display the results of analyses in a wide variety of formats including grids, graphs and maps.

NetWeaver Developer (Studio) Infrastructure (NWDI)

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio builds on the open-source Eclipse framework. As a starting point for all Java development tools and the integration basis for all infrastructure components, SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio supports efficient development of Web Dynpro, Web services, and Java/J2EE business applications as well as Java projects on a large-scale basis for both SAP technologies and standard technologies.

Exchange Infrastructure (XI)

SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver XI) offers open integration technologies for process-oriented collaboration between SAP and non-SAP components of multiple enterprises. The knowledge needed for access to functions, system integration, and process support is stored in a common knowledge database. SAP NetWeaver XI builds upon common technologies, such as Web services, XML messaging, and Java and J2EE standards. SAP NetWeaver XI also provides predefined SAP integration knowledge and gives users collaboration content and implementation knowledge that helps them set up a partner network. The separation of integration knowledge from the underlying application code creates a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure.

Master Data Management (MDM)

The SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (SAP NetWeaver MDM) component of SAP NetWeaver creates the preconditions for enterprise services and business process management. The functionality represents customers, products, employees, vendors, and user-defined data objects in unified form. With SAP NetWeaver MDM, customers can manage master data and supplemental content, such as texts, PDF documents, high-resolution images, or diagrams in a central business information warehouse.

Mobile Infrastructure (MI)

SAP NetWeaver Mobile is a platform-independent runtime environment for mobile solutions that employees can use to access enterprise data at any time and from any location, both online and off. SAP NetWeaver Mobile is based upon open and flexible technology standards like Java, XML, and (Simple Object Access Protocol) SOAP. With a high-performance development environment, users can create integrated mobile solutions that support a system- or browser-based user interface. Data is synchronized between back-end systems and mobile devices. Users can centrally manage and provide mobile solutions from a management console. The solution lets customers make enterprise solutions available to all employees.

Enterprise Portal (EP)

SAP NetWeaver Portal offers a complete portal infrastructure and high-performance functions for knowledge management and collaboration between enterprises. SAP NetWeaver Portal provides data and applications to employees, partners, and customers according to their tasks and interests in real time and without security risks. Solutions from SAP or other suppliers, legacy systems, databases, unstructured documents, internal and external Web sites, and functions for enterprise-wide collaboration can be quickly and easily linked in SAP NetWeaver Portal.

Predefined content promises rapid implementation and lower costs for integration with existing systems. The portal solution is based upon open standards and Web services. It is tightly integrated with other SAP NetWeaver components, so it also supports heterogeneous IT landscapes. Compatibility with Java, J2EE, and Microsoft .NET is ensured.


SAP NetWeaver, the next evolution of mySAP Technology integrates information and business processes across technologies and organizations. It brings together structured and unstructured information, harmonizing data formerly trapped in multiple systems — with best-in-class business intelligence, knowledge management, and master data management. What’s more, SAP NetWeaver embraces Internet standards such as HTTP, XML, and Web services. Ensuring openness and interoperability with Microsoft .NET and J2EE — IBM WebSphere in particular. And enabling you to benefit from business solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Than a comprehensive integration and application platform is SAP NetWeaver the foundation of SAP xApps and mySAP Business Suite solutions. It’s also the enabler of an enterprise services architecture that combines the enterprise applications experience of SAP with the flexibility of Web services and open technologies — for complete and services-based business solutions.

SAP NetWeaver Installation

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