SAP functional location an Overview

SAP Functional Location are elements of a technical structure (for example, functional units within a system). The business object functional location is an organizational unit within Logistics options, that structures maintenance objects for a company according to functional, process-related or spatial criteria. A functional location represents the place at which a maintenance task is to be performed.

SAP functional location

SAP Functional locations can be created hierarchically, and can also structure them based on the following criteria

1), Functional

2), Process-related

3), Spatial (Geographical)

Each SAP functional location is managed independently in the system, so that one can


Manage individual data from a maintenance perspective for the object

1), Perform individual maintenance tasks for the object
2), Keep a record of the maintenance tasks performed for the object
3), Collect and evaluate data over a long period of time for the object
4), Functional Location should be uniquely identified
5), Equipment should be able to be installed at functional locations
6), Installation/Dismantling of equipment at functional locations should be recorded
7), Equipments should be attached to the functional location
8), History of changes in Functional Locations should be recorded

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