SAP Business Objects Partners

SAP Business Objects OEM Partners

Drive New Business Opportunity 

To stay competitive, you need to deliver innovation and value to your customers. You need a partner that can help you create a new, enhanced offering to expand your portfolio of products. With the SAP Business Objects original equipment manufacturers (OEM) partner program, you gain easy, efficient ways to create new revenue opportunities by including best-in-class embedded reporting, high-value analytics, and dashboard functionality with your software solutions.


Why Partner With SAP?

Over 750 companies that have already joined the SAP Business Objects OEM partner program are currently selling business intelligence (BI) software to increase their bottom lines. Whether your company offers software as a service (SaaS), a packaged application, or both, a partnership with SAP Business Objects will give you a new route to market, with less risk. You’ll reduce development time and get your products to market quickly.

Partnership benefits of the SAP Business Objects OEM partner program include:

-Opportunities for new revenues

-Reduced development time and accelerated time to market

-New products and services to increase deal size

-Increased customer satisfaction with new BI features

-Enhanced perception and value of your products in market

Flexible Options to Suit Your Business

You can work with SAP Business Objects solutions, using the following and other flexible options to suit the needs of your business operations and processes – on platform or component technology:

-Embed the solutions in your application on a licensed basis

-Bundle them with your application as one offering

-Resell them as optional modules to your own application.

-Host them with your own application as an SaaS model

-Provide open-source reporting for the Eclipse platform

-Serve on-demand reporting with Crystal Reports software

Here’s Where You Come In

The SAP BusinessObjects OEM partner program includes partners at four achievement levels: platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. Each level offers:

-Value-added marketing in account management and partner support

-Sales tools

-Technical support, including sales training and volume discounts

-Marketing tools such as market development funds, communication vehicles, and events

-Access to online resources

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