SAP Business Model and AS-IS Process Mapping

AS-IS process mapping is mapping the business processes of your organization as it really is. This is normally done at the preparation phase of the project.  Assistance of the experts from each functional department( E.g.- Manufacturing, Quality Management, Production Planning) is critically important for mapping AS-IS process.

AS-IS process should be mapped as it really is and not in the way people think it should be. It is important to look at the processes at a higher level and map without going into deep detailed. Always note the interaction between different functional departments of the business.

Typical SAP projects apply business process models for:

  • Definition of the SAP process scope & alignment of the documentation
  • Automatic definition of E2E testing scripts & workflows
  • Process oriented training & process oriented KPI’s
  • E2E business process analysis & process simulation

However, if we consider the Enterprise BPM Framework, we will understand that we do not utilize the full potential of BPM within SAP projects.

The following figure gives a mapping of key SAP project deliverables onto the Enterprise BPM Framework.

AS-IS Process


Make a common agreement on mapping before you start. Choose symbols for process,data flow, input, output, start/end, semi finished product, document etc. which can be used commonly in mapping in all departments. It is important to present the document in a common readable format to the SAP consultants. AS-IS maps will be the foundation document for the blueprint.

It will ensure you have not missed anything in AS-IS process when you are forming the blueprint. SAP is not typical software engineering it is Business Process Re-engineering (BPR). SAP consultants are suggesting new business practices in the blue print stage.  By looking at AS-IS process maps consultants can decide where you need customized programs and where you can use standard SAP.

AS-IS process documentation will be used to study the current processes of the business comprehensively and as a base to form the business blue print. However this does not intend SAP should be customized completely to suit your business.

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