What is Purchase Info Record in SAP?

The Purchase Info Record belongs to the master data for purchasing. It holds information for a specific Material and Vendor combination.  Purchase Info records allow the definition and maintenance of:

Data maintained in Purchase Info Records appears as default values in purchasing documents (e.g. Purchase orders, contracts) during creation.

Data in Purchasing Info Record 

General Data: Vendor data, Origin Data, Order Unit

Prices and Conditions: Gross Price, Discount, Freight, Duty Etc

Control Data: Delivery Time, Minimum Qty, Tolerances

Texts: PO Text, Info Record Note

Statistics: Pricing history, Ordering, Statistics, Change History

Purchase Info Record

Purchase Info Record in SAP

Automatic Update of Info record

When the Purchase Info Record update flag is set in Quotations, Outline Agreements or Purchase Orders, info records will be automatically created or updated.

Info Records are updated differently, depending on the update source:

  • Quotations update info record pricing conditions
  • Purchase Orders and Contracts update the last purchasing document number.

Purchasing Info Records (ME11)

The purchasing info record helps to define vendor-specific information for a material

ME61 – Maintain Vendor Evaluation

ME64 – Evaluation Comparison

ME49 – Price Comparison

Info Records and Pricing

Purchasing documents will automatically retrieve pricing from info records in one of two ways:

Conditions: Pricing conditions will be used if they were created for an info record either manually or through quotation maintenance.

Last Purchase Order: If an info record does not contain pricing conditions, the system reads the last purchasing document number from the info record and obtains the price from the last purchasing document.

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