The Main Key Features of SAP R/3

Flexible & comprehensive

SAP R3 improves flexibility and enables quicker response.  It lets the company to concentrate on strategically expanding their business to address new products or markets.

SAP R/3 is ideal for companies of all sizes and industries.  It gives both a forward-looking information management system and means to optimize their business.

SAP R3 Open & Integrated

SAP R/3 is an unbeatable combination of functionality and technology.

SAP R/3 modules can be used individually.  It handles the integration of all modules with ease that no other software can boast of.

SAP R/3 continues to evolve in close dialog with customers.  It incorporates cutting edge technologies such as object orientations translate them into practical customer benefits.

SAP R3 Key Features

Powerful applications boost efficiency and productivity of the company.

Integrated operations guarantee a smooth flow of information.

Different options for designing the information system.

Short implementation time guarantees a fast return on investment.

Specifically designed executive information system and early warning system support operative and strategic control and decision-making process.

Flexible customizing by business process re engineering guarantees that the SAP R/3 can be adapted to changing requirements.

Key Features of SAP R3

SAP R3 Application Modules

The SAP R3 Application Modules connects processes that belong together.

The applications in SAP R/3 are modules designed to tap the companies potential.

They link operational steps to forge automated workflow chains.

They connect the company with its customers and suppliers.

Process-Oriented operations increase productivity.  Because SAP R/3 connects processes that belong together every employee has required information at his fingertips.

SAP R/3 brings together people who work on shared tasks : within the same company, in a network of companies or in their dealings with customers and business partners.

SAP R/3 unlocks the ways to optimize organizational structures for a smooth flow of information at all levels and between all parts of the organization.

SAP R/3 lets employees assume greater responsibility and work more independently.

Client / Server Solutions & Internet

SAP R/3 offers integrated solutions for client/server in formation processing that combine a variety of products and services to create a smooth communication network and backup solutions.

The gateway to markets in the present is Internet.  Customers can use Internet to trigger certain business processes in the SAP R/3 system such as purchase orders / sales business object, and then immediately receive information about availability, prices and delivery dates.  The company benefits by addressing potential customers and suppliers around the world at relatively low cost. Direct data entries by customers accelerate business process.

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