Model View Controller Design Pattern (MVC)) in SAP CRM

Business Server Pages (BSPs) can be created using different programming paradigms and design patterns. The CRM WebClient UI BSP is based on the Model View Controller (MVC) paradigm. MVC is a widely accepted design pattern for developing object-oriented user interfaces (UIs). It provides an effective way of relating UI layouts to an underlying data model. An MVC application consists of the following:


The model of the CRM WebClient UI BSPs consists of contexts and context nodes that link the fields of a view to the underlying business layer (the BOL). This linking is referred to as binding. Each data field on a view visualizes an attribute of a context node.


Model View Controller (MVC)


The view handles the visual output. It is responsible for rendering the output and relevant UI controls, such as data fields and push buttons. The Model View Controller (MVC) receives all output for rendering. All user input is passed from the view back to the controller for processing.


The controller handles the interaction logic and provides the connection between a view and a model of an Model View Controller (MVC) application. A controller receives all keyboard and mouse input from the view. Based on these events, the controller can decide how to react (for example, by accessing data from the model or triggering the navigation to a different view).

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