Web Channel Experience Management 2.0 with SAP CRM – Setup

Introduction WCEM 2.0 

Web channel experience management: SAP released a new E-Commerce solution based on SAP backend systems (SAP ECC and SAP CRM). This new solution is called SAP Web Channel Experience Management. It supports end-to-end processes for E-Commerce, E-Marketing, E-Service, Web Channel Analytics as well as a robust and easily extensible Web Channel platform.

It is very difficult to compare this solution with the old solution, because basically everything is different. The main differences from my point of view are:

1), There is no separate solution for B2B and B2C anymore

2), There is no separate solution for E-Sales, E-Service and E-Marketing anymore

3), The available features are up-to-date (product review available, stock indicators)

4), The technology used is up-to-date

5), A very nice out-of-the-box look & feel

In the current release WCEM 2.0, I miss some functionality:

Web Channel Experience Management 2.0 with SAP CRM

1), Product catalog views

It is not possible to assign a part of the catalog to one of more customer’s. We have however managed to solve this on an almost standard way.

2), Supporting variant configuration

3), A real B2B logon scenario

In the standard B2B solution you can see all information and order only after logon. This is not a real B2B scenario where you have to logon before you can see any information

I had the opportunity to work on a rampup project for WCEM 2.0. There is a lot of information regarding this functionality and the needed setup. However there is also missing a lot of useful information, especially regarding the use and setup of SAP MDM.

Overview available Knowledge Platforms for WCEM

This is an overview of the information which I think is the most useful. Especially the ‘Live Expert Session Recordings’ are really needed for your understanding.


Select Recommended Scenario for Your Business 

The first step is to define the scenario which should be supported. Use the mentioned wiki page (in the knowledge overview)  to check the differences between these scenarios:

SAP delivers this solution for three different scenarios:

1), Multi Channel Catalog (based on SAP MDM) with SAP CRM backend

In this case the full functionality can be used for E-Sales, E-Service and E-Marketing.

2), Multi Channel Catalog (based on SAP MDM) with SAP ERP backend

In this case only the E-Sales functionality will be available and SAP PI is needed for the interaction between SAP ECC and SAP MDM

3), TREX Search Engine with SAP ERP backend (from WCEM 2.0)

In this case only the E-Sales functionality will be available and only limited functionality can be used like only the area mode of the product catalog.

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