How to define Chart of Accounts in SAP?

To Define Chart of Accounts : The chart of accounts in SAP (COA) is nothing but list of GL accounts used by the company. There are three types of chart of accounts.1), Operative chart of accounts 2),Country specific chart of accounts 3), group chart of accounts. Generally we use the chart of accounts to process the regular business transactions is the Operative chart of accounts. We can post in this chart of account only. The remaining chart of accounts is used for different business scenario. As per the request of the client we can define other chart of account.

The customization path as per below,

To define Chart of Accounts in SAP

SPRO>IMG>financial accounting>general ledger accounting>GL accounts>>master records> preparations>edit chart of account list:

Transaction Code OB13

Step 1: Select new entries button to create new chart of account.

Give: chart of account code: 2006(4 character)

Give description of chart of account.

Give the language in which you want to maintain the chart of account.

Give the length of GL account number you want to use in your company code. The maximum length of GL account number in sap is 10 digits. (Within that we can give any number)

Step 2: By default the integration with controlling: manually only and save the data

Note: do not select the Blocked check box:

Step 3: The appearance of the screen after giving the details will be as under.

define chart of accounts in sap

Step 4: In case of group company concept define one chart of account as group chart of accounts and give the group chart of account name while defining the operative chart of account.

Step 5: After definition of the chart of account we have to assign this chart of accounts to our company code.

Step 6: Menu Path as same above:

Transaction Code OB62.

Step 7: Click on position button.

Step 8: Give company code

Step 9: Give chart of accounts and save the data

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