How to Create Company Code and Assign to Company?

We can have the 2 basic step, what is company, and how to create company code, and How to assign company code to company as per below, 

Company: [RCOMP] Company is nothing but it is a client to whom we are going to implement SAP. It represents a corporate group. It is the highest organizational unit in the enterprise structure.

Menu Path:   IMG>> Enterprise Structure>> Definition>> Financial Accounting>> Define Company>> Click on New Entries on the application toolbar >> Define your company by filling the data in the required fields>> Save and Edit

create company code

To Create Company Code and Assign to Company

Company Code: [BUKRS] Company code is nothing but it is an independent organization unit that represents subsidiary of company. It has his own set of database tables from which we can drawn out reports Ex: Balance sheets Profit and Loss accounts that are required by law and those reports can be consolidated at company code level. One company can have many company codes. It means one company code should be assigned to only one company. So the relationship between company and company code is one to many.

To Assign Company code to company.

Company and company code defines and maintain by FICO consultants.


Menu Path:  IMG >>Enterprise Structure>>Definition>>Financial Accounting>>Edit, Copy, Delete, Check company code>>Edit company code data>>Click on New Entries on the application toolbar >>Define your company code by filling the data in the required fields >>Save and Exit

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