Create Statistical Key Figures in SAP Settings

To Create Statistical key figures relating to cost centers, profit centers, and overhead cost orders. statistical key figures may also be a value representing the services provided by one particular cost center.

Statistical key figures are represents activities or statistics in cost center or order or profit center and they are measured in units of time or quantity. Key figures are may be used in Distribution or Assessment.

Statistical Key Figures: These are the statistical values describing:

  • Cost centers
  • Orders
  • Business processes
  • Profit centers
  • Activity Types
  • Real Estate Objects

Create Statistical Key Figures SAP

IMG  Controlling  Cost Center Accounting  Master Data  Statistical Key Figures  Maintain Statistical Key Figures

T-Code: KK01


Double click on “Create Statistical Key Figures


  • Stat. key figure: Enter Code 
  • Click on “Master Data


  • Name: Give Name of the Statistical key Figures
  • Stat. key fig. UnM: Select “EA” from the popup
  • Select : Tot.values checkbox
  • Click on “Save


For, “Change Statistical Key Figures’, Use

T-Code: KK02

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