Components of SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects  -During the process of getting acquainted with the numerous components of BOBJ that we was having difficulty understanding where each one fits. we initially needed to understand where each one of the SAP Business Objects components fits into the landscape before we can start to understand the functionality, flexibility, and configuration of each.

We will be looking at each of  base SAP Business Objects components at a very high level and even though the configuration of the required source of data to each of these is critical, we will not be looking at items such as Universes or Data Federator in SAP Business Objects.

We need to align each of these SAP Business Objects components based on their functionality and use, and then discuss some additional basic information around each component. There are other aspects of the project that a meeting of this nature would benefit and allow everyone to flush out questions that may not have been considered by the stakeholders such as basic project type activities and milestones.

SAP Business Objects

Define Report Requirements Discuss the requirements gathering process. Instead of asking general questions such as which reports we want to use, and what should be in them, ask specific questions.

Explore ad hoc Querying This may be an entirely new concept to some customers,and universes (semantic layer for the sources of data for the BOBJ-SAP Business Objects components) that are made available for such ad hoc activity should be designed with the end users in mind. The universes should be easy to use and should cover a particular business process in SAP Business Objects.

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Discuss Security Many times the customer is only thinking about data security, which is governed by existing roles and security inside BW. However, none of that covers which universes and reports are visible to which users and groups, or which rights a user has in the InfoView portal (component used for business user viewing of reports, very similar to the BI portal) and what actions they can and cannot perform.

Plan Scheduling and Report Distribution Most customers have not yet considered this in detail, so as the consultant, you need to be able to articulate what the options are and how scheduling may help reduce the load on BW during peak hours if a lot of users need to access the same report and information. Not every report has to be run interactively, which is a key point to make with customers.

Discuss Report Design and Visualization (including dashboards)

SAP Business Objects- Many things are possible, but the selected approach should be what is best for appropriate information delivery in the given use case. On the other hand, those who are most comfortable in BEx might need additional time with all the different possibilities and options available in BOBJ.

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