Business Blueprint and Process simplification

The purpose of this phase is to create the Business Blueprint, which is a detailed documentation of the simplified business process, which will cover all the processes documented in the AS IS phase. We will mainly refer the standard Process of SAP. With this basic platform, we achieve a common understanding of how the company intends to run its business using the system. During this phase technical team releases the technical blue print for the hardware.


1. Refine the original project goals and objectives,

2. Define the baseline scope,

3. Refine the overall project schedule,

4. Develop System Environment and technical blue print,

5. Business Organization Structure, and

6. Business Process Document.

SAP software expects that your business processes are accordingly to industry standards so that system could be used efficiently.

In most SAP implementing projects, client end up re-engineering their business processes as well, along with implementing a business software.

Implementing SAP without streamlining business processes is not a very ideal solution.

Before you implement SAP you need to perform blueprinting.

Business Blueprint

Business Blueprint means: 

  • defining company’s “to-be” business processes.
  • identifying gaps between current state and the target
  • identifying how SAP’s functionality could be mapped to the “to-be” business processes.
  • identifying the gaps between SAP’s functionality and “to-be” business processes.

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