What is Audit Information System (AIS) in SAP?

Audit Information System (AIS) is a native SAP tool to assist in auditing both technical and business controls in SAP system. In versions SAP R/3 4.6c and earlier, AIS could be accessed using transaction SECR. This is the basic concept to learn as the end user of the company in which sap implementation is completed. This will enable the company people to follow the Audit requirements in new environment. The Audit Information system will give the over view about the auditing in sap environment.

The audit in SAP environment can be segregated as different views. We can select the requirement and can know the specifications for the audit programme. If the company is aware of this manual and can surpass the uphill task of auditing in the early years of Implementation so easily. The Audit Information system is a tool to improve quality of audit environment.

Audit Information System (AIS)

Menu: SAP Easy Access> Information Systems>Audit information System

Transaction code: SECR

Select the audit either complete audit or user defined audit

Give the view (for help press f4) and execute button

The screen appears as per below

Audit Information system

The total Audit information System (AIS) has been classified into 3 parts;

1. Introduction

2. System audit

3. Business audit.

System audit shows the total system parameters, authorizations and other System related aspects and configurations during the conversion period.

Business audit relating to the organizational units’ configurations, transactional data configurations. It can be considered as comprehensive audit. The first audit can be termed as conversion audit. And the scope of the conversion audit is to check all the areas relating to new environment and their authenticity and proper authorizations in the system.

The total Audit information system (AIS) has made into several fragments to facilitate easy understanding of the concept. We can study them in detailed relating to our work area in real time.

To know more information about the functionality please read the topic Audit Information System (AIS)

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